ASICS Gel-3000 - Running Shoes: Reviews
(Terry Heffernan)

ASICS Gel-3000 – Running Shoes: Reviews

ASICS Gel-3000 - Running Shoes: Reviews
Brian Metzler


Runners whose mild or moderate heel rolling doesn’t warrant a fat, heavy heel brace will find smooth striding in the new Gel-3000. The wide, stable heel features a moderately cushy foam—offering the softness and sprightliness of a neutral-cushioning shoe at heel strike. But as the shoe rolls forward, a rigid support shank and beefy medial post engage to redirect late-stage pronation into forward motion. Plus there’s a dense layer of foam that runs the length of the shoe, providing medial support all the way to your piggies. Of course, like most heavy-duty stability shoes, the 3000 is a bit on the hefty side for speedsters. 12.6 oz;