Asics Kayano Shoe
Asics Kayano Shoe (Courtesy of Asics)

Asics Kayano 17

Asics Kayano Shoe
Brian Metzler

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THE SELL: One of the most popularhigh-performance stability shoes ever gets a makeover. THE TEST: Don’t expect drastic changes in this classic. It’s still a traditional stability shoe for heel strikers and mild-to-severe pronators, with a lot of torsional stiffness, a fat heel, and a big, gait-correcting medial post. But we found the latest tweaks—an improved lacing system and softer footbed—boost its comfort and help balance out an otherwise firm shoe. There’s no getting around the high-off-the-ground feeling, but the midsole is slightly flatter and “less heel-strikey,” as one tester put it, giving the new Kayano a slightly smoother feel. THE VERDICT: Loads of stability without feeling like you’re wearing bricks. 12.6 oz; 10-mm heel-to-toe drop.
Flex: 3.5
Cushioning: 4.5
Speed: 3

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