Brooks Epiphany  -  Road-Running Shoes: Reveiws

Brooks Epiphany – Road-Running Shoes: Reviews

Brooks Epiphany  -  Road-Running Shoes: Reveiws

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Why They’re CoolThe translucent outsoles are made of a house-brand polymer that, according to Brooks’s R&D crew, lasts 30 percent longer than that supersticky rubber you see on approach and climbing shoes. It also improves wet and dry skid resistance by 20 percent. In the lab, anyway. » The road is the real test; the Epiphanys crushed it. I could stop and change directions abruptly on wet, hilly blacktop dusted with sand. No skids, no slips, no fears. » The shoe has the well-thought-out mix of cushioning and fluid energy return that you expect from Brooks. » My heels felt excellently cupped.

Hmmm . . .The external overlays provide very little upper support.

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