Chaco Barefoot Z

The world’s lightest minimalist sport sandal


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Chaco is taking minimalism to a whole new level.

So light you’ll barely even notice it, the new Barefoot Z strips has zero unnecessary features. In fact, the sandal lacks what some walkers might consider essentials, including a traditional midsole and outsole.  

Forgoing the restrictive design cues of most shoes, the Barefoot Z securely holds your big toe in place with Chaco’s jacquard webbing. It’s a true paleo design that—unless you’re feeling masochistic—is best suited to mowed lawns, patios, and your living room. But diehard minimalist runners will likely appreciate this sandal’s barefoot feel and will take it up and over gnarly passes.      

“The Barefoot Z, to me, represents the culmination of a quarter-century of Chacos’ research and development of the ultimate sport sandal,” notes Chaco Ambassador, Brendan Leonard. “I’ve worn mine for hiking, trail running, bouldering, and even a few pitches of ice climbing. Really, if you want to go truly light and fast in the mountains, I don’t know why you’d wear anything else. Including clothing.”


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