Etonic Praya NC - Running Shoes: Reviews
(Mark Wiens)

Etonic Praya NC – Running Shoes: Reviews

Etonic Praya NC - Running Shoes: Reviews
Brian Metzler


If you’ve followed a marathon training program, you know what a grind it can be to crank out those 18- to 22-mile runs about a month before race day. Not so with the dreamy Praya NC, a lightweight trainer that derives cushioning from a thick foam midsole and a pillowy sock liner. There’s little in the way of lateral support, so it’s not ideal for serious pronators. But our neutral-gaited runners unanimously praised the soft, low-to-the-ground sensation on slow and moderately paced long runs. 11.8 oz;

Bonus: Wide-footed runners can get an EE model, and reflective tape on the heel and toe makes it a good choice for after-hours runs.

Bummer: Narrow-footed testers complained of persistent heel slippage in our D-width samples (the narrowest available for men).