Montrail Fairhaven Shoe
Montrail Fairhaven Shoe (Courtesy of Montrail)

Montrail Fairhaven

Montrail Fairhaven Shoe

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THE SELL: From sidewalks to serious trails, this hybrid can do it all. THE TEST: Off-road, the Fairhaven performed capably, with enough protection, stability, and traction to handle most trails, though we craved more grip on steeper terrain. And since it has a heap of cushioning, understated lugs, and a considerably flexible forefoot, it rolled along fairly smoothly on tarmac. Where it shone was in pronation control. It sports a medial post built of varying densities of EVA foam—the more your foot pronates, the stiffer and more supportive the foam feels. Most runners of all foot strikes thought it worked well. “It didn’t seem to interfere with my stride,” said one neutral tester, although another said it made him feel a little “unstable on the gnar.” THE VERDICT: A flexible, peppy hybrid that’s best on moderate terrain, with good pronation control for long, flat hauls. 11 oz.
Support: 4
Traction: 3.5
Versatility: 4

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