Nike Air Equalon+ - Running Shoes: Reviews
(Mark Wiens)

Nike Air Equalon+ – Running Shoes: Reviews

Nike Air Equalon+ - Running Shoes: Reviews
Brian Metzler


If rock and roll is integral to your running—and we mean either the Flaming Lips or the instability caused by pronation—then you’ll want a pair of iPod-compatible, supportive Equalons. Testers raved about this shoe’s stability and heel-to-toe cushioning. But the real genius of this soft-flexing shoe is a beveled and decoupled heel that effectively reduces the speed of pronation on initial impact. Translation: It feels less bulky, and more springy, than other heavily structured support shoes. 12.8 oz;

Bonus: It’s compatible with the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit integrated sensor ($29; sold separately), which tracks running mileage, pace, and other data through your Nano.

Bummer: Several testers found the shoe uncomfortable at faster speeds.