Eight packable products that make workouts on the road as easy as room service

The ultrarunner and endurance coach’s must-haves for the trail and life

Advice from one of the world’s best ultra-marathon runners

We crowdsourced the reviews on this expensive piece of gear

Don't let the cold shut down your training.

Pavement? Trail? Snow? These workhorses have you covered.

Running is as low maintenance as it gets—strap on some shoes and go. But there are a few pieces of inexpensive gear that will make your run more enjoyable and help you go farther and faster.

The next phase of FKT-worthy custom gear puts consumers in the design chair

Here's everything he relied on while blazing up the trail

Trail runners that celebrate our National Parks.

A handful of endurance athletes on the food and gear they rely on at the start line

We caught up with the climber to talk about his most essential everyday gear

You wouldn't think running shorts are all that different from each other. But you're totally wrong.

We tested a handful of heat-beating options to keep you playing outside this summer, no matter how high temperatures rise

All you need for city streets and wooded trails.

Go faster, train smarter.

The company's first track spikes blast through turns like no other

In the age of big foam, the ghost of minimalism lingers— making for versatile kicks

Suit up, go long, and get after it

Get low, ride high, and stomp everything in between

As summer approaches, the risk of deadly heat stroke grows. Here’s a list of gear and advice on how to avoid it.

Nancy Hoo is the woman behind your favorite Arc’teryx trail running kit

High-performance kit to go faster and farther

Some like to boogie. Others like to cruise.

The maximalist running shoe company tackles the track with an innovative new design

Smartwool discovered that women run at much different temperatures than men. Now it's using that data to reengineer its women's socks and base layers.

Tony Krupicka is one of the world’s foremost ultra runners. The 33-year-old Nebraska native is a two-time winner of the Leadville 100 and the 50-Mile Trail National Championships, and he’s placed second in the county’s original ultra—Western States 100. Last month, he let us into his Boulder, Colorado, home, which is strewn with training tools, from road bikes and ski-mo skis to running shoes and cams.

On the heels of announcing their ambitious Breaking2 project, it was revealed that Nike filed a patent for a new shoe featuring a spring plate in its sole

From a totally reinvented ski boot to a wetsuit that's good for the environment, this is the stuff we're most excited about

The smallest presents often make the best presents

The season’s best trainers keep you moving through nasty weather

Our three favorite trail runners

The three best runners for winter weather

It's not incredibly lightweight, packable, or durable, but all this stuff will serve you just fine in the outdoors and doesn't cost a small fortune

Winter-training heroes require apparel with oomph.

It’s the one made especially for you, based on 3-D scans of your feet. And it's coming.

Seeing a beloved piece of gear get discontinued is a bit like going through a rough breakup. Pearl Izumi’s decision to terminate its Run line left our writer particularly devastated.

Tough and nimble, these off-road kicks are ready to fly

They won’t guarantee you a win, but they will certainly stand out

Road-running shoes are turning up the foam again

Sally Bergesen created Oiselle to give female runners great-fitting shorts and sports bras with a dose of style. Now the swift little brand is on a mission to empower athletes by taking on Nike and its dominance over track and field.

If you want stuff that will last and fit well, you don't want to go dirt cheap. Presenting the best-value gear we've tried.

Trustworthy kicks for when the going gets rough.

(The North Face) The North Face Runners Hat Trucker hats block sun and look rad. The North Face took it a step further, adding a mesh sweatband around the rim to keep sunscreen out of your eyes. Price $30 Buy Now (Nathan) Nathan ExoShot Bottle By pairing…

From road to trail and back again.

The new design paradigm: fat and fatter

Gear to keep you moving through the unpredictable spring months

The Oregon behemoth revealed a few crazy new shoe concepts at its recent Innovation for Everybody event. Here are the ones worth paying attention to.

We thought these kicks were an April Fools' prank. Turns out they're real.

The latest development in Nike's running shoe line is the use of flykint, the same technology they debuted in their basketball and soccer shoes a few years ago.

Blurring the lines between where your sock ends and your shoe begins

Debuting in March 2016, Lumo Run shorts (and women’s tights) have a built-in sensor that analyzes your form and provides real-time coaching. We took the beta version for a test run.

Sure, Tinder and are great. But, for athletes, the fitness app is even better.

10 next-gen running essentials

Forget the treadmill. Here’s the gear you need to run outside all winter long.

About a year ago, ​29-year-old Stephan Shay lost his full-time job. But then he found an 18.5-foot vintage rig named Lolita.

The world’s best athlete might just wear the word’s best shoe

The death of the cutting-edge shoe is the story of a fiercely competitive running landscape and it raises the question: Can new brands enter—and survive—in today’s market?

If you have the right gear, there's no excuse to stop training

On turf or tarmac, these are our favorite women's trainers of the season

These six jackets will help you log miles—safely—by trail or road

On your mark, get set, track!

Faster, more comfortable kicks for all conditions

Boston Marathon memorabilia you’ll actually wear

Power your phone and feel better about yourself with this human-powered machine

Fishy shoes for six Franklins

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It turns out maximally cushioned shoes are faster than you think. …

How the sneaker maker went from Kardashian flop to an $8 billion behemoth in less than four years

Uh, why on earth was the cameraman using the machine in the first place?

Take the appropriate precautions so you can concentrate on your ride, not the pain coming from your inner thighs

Vibram: A vulcanized-rubber sole that revolutionized footwear.

Ingenious solutions to make the season's simplest sport even better

Want to buy the world’s coolest shoes? Skip the mall and reach for the phone instead.

If you’ve committed to your first half, you’ll need the right gear. We’ve got you covered.

The famous shimmering lights, now on your feet

If you plan to run this summer, you better have a hat. Here are our five favorites.

The Ultralight Trail Running Essentials of 2015

The Best Women's Running Shoes of 2015

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