Running Man: A few of my favorite things

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As a gear editor, and a runner, I see a lot of running products. Some are so-so. Some are awesome. Here are some of my absolute favorites for this season. In no particular order:

1. ASICS Favorite shirt

2. Adidas adizero

3. Garmin 310 XT

4. That one white hat XOOD sent me…

5. ProBar

6. Injinji running socks

7. ASICS arm sleeves: When gloves and a hat aren't enough, but long sleeves are overkill. You can take them off on the fly, and you can wear them under a light wind jacket to really boost it's warmth in the winter. The best part? They are only $8. There are other brands with sleeves out there, but I haven't found any this inexpensive.

8. Nike's Lunarlite….

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