Teva Citral  -  Trail-Running Shoes: Reveiws

Teva Citral – Trail-Running Shoes: Reviews

Teva Citral  -  Trail-Running Shoes: Reveiws

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Why They’re CoolThey’re anti-gearhead shoes—the sort you’d see on the feet of a humble Kiwi adventure racer with a resting heart rate of 32. They’re hip yet unimposing, functional without being encumbered by newfangled compounds. » Actually, we take that back. Teva uses an abrasion-resistant fabric impregnated with rubber in the forefoot to make the shoes light (26 ounces per pair) and flexible (less sole to stiffen the ride), yet still manages to shield the balls of your feet. » I planted my size 12’s on every pointy obstacle I found along my local riverbank singletrack and lived to run another day.

Hmmm . . .I wonder about the durability of the vinylish overlays.

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