Teva X-1/C - Women's Trail Runners

Teva X-1/C – Women’s Trail Runners: Reviews

Teva X-1/C - Women's Trail Runners
Lindsay Yaw

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Ever had one of those days when your feet felt so light it’s like they weren’t quite touching the ground? The X-1/C is the next best thing to bottling that feeling. The secret is shaving every possible gram while still retaining the essentials: cushion, traction, and stability. The Encapsulated Shoc Pad in the heel provides good padding on hard dirt, and the supportive upper gives confidence on technical mountain trails. 9.1 oz;

Bonus: The low-volume, snug forefoot was a favorite among our racers, as it held them close to the midsole for excellent control.

Bummer: If you run as much on road as on trail, the forefoot cushioning isn’t adequate.

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