Underwear for Running Women

Get your rear in gear with Oiselle's Rundies and Randies

Pam Foxx

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The only lingerie my husband ever gave me wasn’t lingerie at all. It was a seven-pack of Rundies, purchased from our local running store.

Randies come in pink, orange, and blue. Randies come in pink, orange, and blue.

His intentions were good, though. I’m a dedicated runner, and as their name implies, Rundies are made for runners. Similar to day-of-the-week underwear, each colorful Rundie features a run-of-the-week on the rear. So, depending on your training schedule, you can wear REST, TRACK, TEMPO, FARTLEK, RACE, EASY 6, or LONG RUN on your ass. 

But there was a huge problem (and I’m not talking about the size of my rear end, although that, I suppose, is debatable). Rundies are 100 percent cotton. And although cotton is appropriate for a second wedding anniversary (which was the occasion for this gift), it is not an ideal fabric in which to log miles. It doesn’t breathe, it holds moisture, you get the idea. Ick.

So the Rundies got relegated to the non-running underwear drawer, mostly to be worn on lazy weekends under yoga pants or worn-out jeans. Thanks to their comfort and fit, they’re still a favorite, just not for exercise.

The folks at Oiselle must have received feedback from ladies who felt similarly. Because in late 2013, the company released Randies, which are basically a performance-enhanced, slightly cheekier version of Rundies. Made from a seamless poly/nylon/spandex blend, Randies wick, stretch, and stay put when you’re on the move. You can run comfortably for hours on end, which I did regularly in preparation for several big races—several of which I won. Maybe Randies made me faster; instead of specific workouts, sayings such as LEAD FROM BEHIND or GET YOUR REAR IN GEAR are screen printed onto the butt.

The downside? They only come in a three pack, so you’ll have to do laundry if you want to Randie every day of the week.

So, guys, next time you want to get your lady lingerie, get her lingerie. If you want to get her sportswear, be smart and get her something that really performs—like Randies. We’ll be happier, and (we promise) so will you.

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