Vasque Lightspeed  -  Trail-Running Shoes: Reveiws
(Clay Ellis)

Vasque Lightspeed – Trail-Running Shoes: Reviews

Vasque Lightspeed  -  Trail-Running Shoes: Reveiws

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Why They’re CoolWith their mainly mesh uppers, the Lightspeeds excel on smoothish trails in hotter climes. On a warm day in southern Minnesota, I ran in a pair of conventionally vented shoes, then switched to the Vasques—and instantly blissed out with the sensory equivalent of propping my feet up in front of the A/C. » A TPU exoskeleton supports the ultrabreathable upper, even if it does leave the sides of your feet a little exposed. » A stretchy mesh bridge connects the tongue to the upper, boosting stability. » With their unmistakable hue, the Lightspeeds are one of the few man-made objects visible from space.

Hmmm . . .Though the reinforced sole and midsole made up for the naked feeling upstairs, I’d still hate to get clumsy in these.