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What Kind of Dog Leash Should I Use?

What's the best leash for running with my dog? I run on a mix of trails and roads, which means I end up carrying the leash quite a bit.

Doug Gantenbein

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I often run with my dog, Willow, and appreciate the difficulty of juggling your dog and keeping your pace. For running, I prefer a leash with a bungee-like core. It results in softer tension if the leash goes tight for any reason, so less jerking motion on the arm. It’s easier on the dog, too. RuffWear’s Roamer Leash ($35) has an elastic core inside an accordion-like sheath, allowing it to extend to nearly half its compressed length. And it can be worn around your waist by running some material through the wrist loop buckle then snapping it around yourself.

The Roamer also is very tough, and comes in sizes for small and large dogs.

OllyDog’s Mount Tam Belt & Leash ($45) operates on the same principle – with a flexible core inside a leash sheath. It adds the nice touch of coming with its own waist pack. So when you’re dog isn’t leashed, you can quickly stow the leash. The waist pack even has room for an iPod or wireless phone. Nice!

A tired dog is a well-behaved dog—exercise is so important for their well-being. Now, off to take Willow for a jog!

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