Atomic B5i – Alpine Skis: Reviews
(Mark Wiens)

Atomic B5i – Alpine Skis: Reviews

Atomic B5i – Alpine Skis: Reviews


The brand of choice for over half of the top World Cup ski racers proves it can make planks that arc for weekend warriors, too. The B5i’s capped construction allows for easy turn initiation and release, which is why one tester felt “like an Austrian in a one-piece, practicing my über-carving.” Atomic credits its Beta construction as the real key to the ski’s success. The magnesium embedded in the tubes that run the length of the ski act as giant shock absorbers, providing a smooth, comfortable ride. 111/66/94;


Bonus: You’ll have as much fun on these in the East as you will in the West.


Bummer: It gets a little shaky at top speed.