Elan 888 – Alpine Skis: Reviews
(Mark Wiens)

Elan 888 – Alpine Skis: Reviews

Elan 888 – Alpine Skis: Reviews


It’s rare for all of our testers to be on the same page, but everyone agreed: The new 888 is unquestionably the best ski the Slovenian company has produced in years. During several days of testing at Powder Mountain, these moderately wide planks (88 millimeters underfoot) effortlessly zippered through mushy bumps and easily floated atop three inches of new, wet snow. And they love speed: “They actually skied better the faster you went,” said one tester. 128/88/108; elanskis.com


Bonus: Love the metallic topsheet.


Bummer: Hard to initiate turns at lower speeds.