Volkl Gotama - Alpine Skis: Reviews
(Shana Novak)

Volkl Gotama – Alpine Skis: Reviews

Volkl Gotama - Alpine Skis: Reviews

Good for Big Mountain

The all-new Gotama features both tip and tail rocker like a powder-specific, but Völkl claims it still carves a high-speed turn like a … Völkl. We were dubious. And although the Gotama doesn’t transition smoothly through the entire turn like the other skis on this page, it does offer tons of hold near the apex—even on the hardest snow. In soft snow, it’s loose and buoyant. “Before you invest in a powder-only ski, take a look at the Gotama,” said one tester. “This is one of the best resort powder skis ever.” 137/106/122; volkl.com

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Shana Novak