Small Foot has developed inflatable snowshoes.
Small Foot has developed inflatable snowshoes.

An Inflatable Snowshoe

Ready to go in less than three minutes.

Small Foot has developed inflatable snowshoes.

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Regular snowshoes are big, awkward, and difficult to pack. If there’s not at least of foot of fresh on the ground, you’re likely leaving them at home.

That’s when the new inflatable snowshoes from Small Foot come in handy. At 485 grams apiece, they’re lightweight, compact, and easy to thrown in the car no matter how much snow is in the forecast.

When you don’t need the added flotation, you can collapse the snowshoes into compact bags that are about 10 inches long. When the snow gets deep, just use the mini pump to inflate them again—the whole process takes less than three minutes, according to the company.

“Our main idea is to provide a high tech product to those of you who practice extreme sports in the winter,” Small Foot’s website reads. “The snowshoes can be used for reaching the spots for practicing your winter sport, for recreation, children camps, and team building, but also for emergency situations, mountain rescues, and military services.” 


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