K2 Ø - Snowboards: Reviews

K2 Ø – Snowboards: Reviews

K2 Ø - Snowboards: Reviews
Kevin Kennedy

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Hailed as the lightest snowboard on the market, this all-mountain model’s superior float in the soft stuff made it a tester favorite. But lightness doesn’t equal weakness. Thanks to a synthetic polymer placed beneath the binding inserts—K2 calls the stuff Harshmellow—this setback twin has guts, silencing chatter on hardpack and smoothing out even the cruddiest chop. It’s probably a bit too dynamic for beginner and intermediate riders, but our more advanced rippers found it pleasingly quick edge to edge, with “good, even pop and an easy swing weight,” according to one. 153, 156, 159, 162; k2snowboarding.com

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