K2 Superstitious
K2 Superstitious

Gifts for a Snow Goddess

K2 Superstitious

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K2 Superstitious Skis

There's a symbolic pink ribbon embedded at the base of this ski, near the tail. The link to breast-cancer awareness is subtle, but the impact of K2's Superstitious—a go-anywhere all-mountain ski with a touch of tip rocker for easy turn initiation—has been impressive. K2 donates a portion of the proceeds from all of its women's skis and boards to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. To date, it's contributed more than $1 million to the cause worldwide.

Eddie Bauer 1942 Yukon Model Down Jacket

Eddie Bauer 1942 Yukon Model
Eddie Bauer 1942 Yukon Model (Courtesy of Eddie Bauer)

Eddie Bauer's 1942 Yukon Model down jacket is designed like the original, but modern touches (removable hood, fleecy collar) make it even warmer.

Giro Amulet Goggles

Giro Amulet
Giro Amulet (Courtesy of Giro)

Giro didn't just shrink and pink a pair of men's goggles to arrive at the Amulet. The frame and the curvature of the lens were sculpted to fit women's faces.

Sherpa Adventure Gear Rani Hat

Sherpa Adventure Gear Rani
Sherpa Adventure Gear Rani (Courtesy of Sherpa Adventure Gear)

It’s not just a marketing gimmick: for every product sold, Sherpa Adventure Gear donates up to 50 cents to its Sherpa education fund. The fleece-lined Rani hat is hand-knit in Nepal.

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