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How a satellite communicator helps me tamp down panic in the wilderness

With these key first aid items, you’ll be significantly safer when heading into the backcountry

In the era of megafires and fire bans, we need a new way to hang out at base camp. Howl Campfires are genuinely warm, easy to transport, and safe to use.

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Essential gear for any type of summer travel and adventure

You’ll want to know about these earbuds

Here are the nine pieces from the 2022 Summer Gear Guide that our gear editors are obsessing over

The Revolution Go is an ideal machine for toting your favorite records to picnics, park days, or anywhere else under the sun

After months of testing, it’s proven to be everything I need for adventuring. And then some.

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Kick off hiking season with the most revolutionary water filters yet

We reviewed 341 pieces of gear. But these ones stood above.

These bags’ innovative features make them standouts for adventure travel

This travel speaker impresses with studio-quality sound

Keep your pup safe and stylish on the trail with these seven accessories

Embrace the heat and take your practice deeper

A lightning-fast water filter makes staying hydrated on the trail easier than ever

There’s a great new wearable for every kind of athletic goal

These accessories might not make or break your trip, but you’ll sure be glad you packed them

The best gear for capturing your adventures

This compact solar panel will juice up your next long-distance trek

This portable, packable device will repel mosquitoes no matter where you take it

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Off-the-grid is great, but some endeavors call for staying connected

Replacing your lawn with synthetic grass reduces maintenance, eliminates mud, and can make cleaning up after your dogs a breeze

Spring comes in like a lion. This gear will help.

Don’t assume a noise deterrent will save you from a run-in with a wild animal. Do your homework before you head out into the wilderness.

Tim Leatherman’s invention was a runaway success. But until now, it’s never been the tool he intended.

This home gym uses cutting edge technology to take weight lifting into the 21st century

A disruptive startup is poised to rewrite the definition of performance apparel

Maps made by Native Land Digital—which are now available on Gaia GPS—show Indigenous territories, languages, and treaties across every continent

The company’s newest flagship timepiece promises astounding battery life as well as efficient solar charging, and it comes with a flashlight

Make sure to order monthly and quarterly boxes with expedited shipping by December 20 to receive your gear by Christmas…

More than just stocking stuffers, these nine outdoor gifts may make the day

Benchmade’s custom configurator makes ordering a custom blade faster than ever before

Looking for some thoughtful gift ideas for the adventurer in your life? Save up to 40 percent on gear and apparel at Huckberry’s Black Friday sale, now through November 27.

What you need to know to deliver the goods

Millinocket, Maine, had been struggling for years following the closure of the local paper mill. Then an enterprising librarian acted on a big idea.

For those folks always seeking the competitive edge

The entertainer in your life will love these no-fail products

For those that like their holidays with a serving of lactic acid

40-plus testers spent four months testing the latest, greatest winter gear on ski hills, backcountry routes, and trails, and in our own home gyms and backyards

The apparel and accessories we loved for exercising at home

A knife, rangefinder, jacket, and other pieces that are worth checking out

Bring the festivities to your living room or backyard

There are five wearables in our print magazine, but several more worth checking out

Step up your game with this hardy equipment

As a professional photographer, I was disappointed in GoPro’s cameras until the brand’s newest iteration

From campsite to nightlight, BioLite’s AlpenGlow sets the perfect vibe

Our Gear Guy is getting rid of the rest of his culinary blades

In the never-ending battle of keeping your gear powered up in the outdoors, Wes Siler has some common sense solutions

Maintenance is easy with these eight items that won’t break the bank

As always, Apple found clever ways to improve upon its camera lenses, making the latest iteration increasingly useful for outdoor adventures

There are a ton of smart options to choose from

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Give a dog a forever home by looking to the shelters and humane societies.

Follow along as professional photographer Stuart Palley explains how anyone can take amazing photos at night

Polaroid-style photography is the antidote for the smartphone era, and a great way to capture your adventures on film

Wes Siler walks you through his three favorite knives and helps explain what knives you need to carry in the backcountry.

When it comes to safety, training, and exercise, gadgets and apps can’t beat old fashioned consistency and patience

One team of sled dogs. Twenty tested toys. Three standouts.

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Three of our favorite adventure-dog parents weigh in with their hard-earned wisdom

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Research. Packing. Gear prep. Maximizing fun. Here’s everything you need to know to pull off your next backcountry mission.

Everything you need to know to keep your Traeger in excellent working condition

These items will make great gifts for the grill master in your life, too…

Get the most out of your pegboard wall by adding a reinforced track system that allows for infinite gear-storage options

How to level up your camp coffee game, no matter your brew method

How to buy your first bike, grill, paddleboard, sleeping pad, and more

Keep tabs on your off-grid power supply from your phone with this simple addition to your rig’s battery system