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Adobe Lightroom Intensive

Jerry Courvoisier, September 4-6, 2009



Adobe Lightroom is an essential image management application that makes digital photography workflow more efficient. It facilitates editing, processing, and preparing output for slide shows, web galleries, and finished prints. This two-and-a-half day workshop provides a wealth of information on how to organize, develop, and process images with maximum efficiency so that we spend less time processing images and more time taking pictures.

Jerry begins with an introductory overview which covers database components, catalog files, preview files, the metadata structure, and the steps for setting up application preferences specific to your personal workflow requirements. Jerry shares his recommendations and strategies while participants work with a series of their own images (raw and/or JPEG files) as we practice the fundamental processes of the Lightroom workflow. Topics include digital camera setup, choosing appropriate file formats for image capture, efficiently downloading images from camera or hard drive, sorting, rating, editing, global tone and color correction, critical local corrections, input and output sharpening, presenting slideshows, and printing photographic images.

Use of Lightroom allows photographers to spend less time in front of their computers and more time behind their cameras!

JERRY COURVOISIER is a photographer, educator, digital artist, world class Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom specialist, and internationally recognized imaging technology consultant. He directed the digital program at Santa Fe Photographic Workshops for 14 years, building it into one of the most respected digital educational programs in the world. Jerry’s passion for photography, combined with his enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, make him a popular workshop leader in photography, imaging application, and printmaking. He has worked with the National Geographic Expeditions series, and his teaching and consulting engagements have taken him to Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Australia.

In addition to teaching, Jerry works as an imaging workflow consultant for stock agencies and a beta tester for many software and hardware manufacturers. His most recent book, Lessons in DSLR Workflow with Lightroom 2.0 and Photoshop was published in 2008. His web site is


Enthusiasts and Advanced Amateurs


A digital SLR camera, laptop computer with current operating system (OS X or Windows XP), and current version of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are required.

Details on equipment requirements are provided on the registration page.


Working knowledge of your laptop; familiarity with digital workflow, Photoshop, Lightroom, and your digital SLR camera.


A portfolio is not required for admission to this workshop.



Details on all policies can be found on the registration page.


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Lead Photo: Photo by Jerry Courvoisier