The Aluminum Cabin

In a Norwegian archipelago

Denise Hopkins

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While aluminum might not be the first material that comes to mind when building a cabin, turns out it makes for some stunning architecture—even in the middle of a Norwegian wilderness.    

This cabin lies in sparkling contrast to the boulder-strewn seaside where it’s located. Sheathed in aluminum from head to toe, it reflects its surroundings with a smooth radiance. The pitched aluminum roof, which stretches toward the sea, rests on an aluminum-framed floor to ceiling glass walls. The spare, yet elegant, furniture clusters around the cast-iron black bubble fireplace.

The glass front door and the glass wall beyond show off the archipelago out back. Three bedrooms and two baths take advantage of the natural rocky perimeter, affording some privacy opposite the lake. Terraces—fitted with canvas sun screens— are located on either end of the cottage. There’s even an outdoor shower for en plein air bathing.  

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