An Anti-Theft Pistol Packing Shoulder Bag, and Other Ways to Travel Safe

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Getting robbed sucks whether you're on a business trip or vacation. Keep thieves at bay the next time you travel with these three anti-theft accessories:

Clothing Arts Pick Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants:
Fill the high capacity pockets of these pants with all the guide books, waterbottles, electronics and documents that they can actually hold, and it's like wearing your suitcase. They hold so much, the nearest sticky-fingered street kid likely won't be able to find the valuable stuff. Should you choose to go light, you can stash your travel docs and cash in any of the four built-in money belts in these cotton nylon pants. Stash your smartphone in one of the double thick slashproof cargo pockets, and it too will be out of reach of swift hands . Available now, $110,

Travelon Anti-Theft Pistol Packing Shoulder Bag: For those times when you want to carry a laptop or iPad, your waterbottle, plus your pistol, you need this Travelon bag. So many shoulder bags just can't accommodate when you're packing, and we're not talking about for your next trip. This bag has a locking rear compartment that holds your heat, and a locking main compartment that holds your computer. An RFID-shielded organizer inside prevents thieves from robbing you virtually. Available now; $85,

Pacsafe RFIDsafe 50 Anti Theft Passport and Credit Card Protector: Made from a ripstop conductive nickel and copper weave fabric encased in a hot melt adhesive film, Pacsafe's pouch will protect you from virtual identity theft whether you're in the Tube or at the Louvre. Most RFID protector are aluminum, which hinders radio transmission of information. Pacsafe's proprietary fabric completely prevents it, but doesn't interfere with the pouch's soft feel and flexibility.

Berne Broudy

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