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The Best Fitness Trackers of 2018


Dial in your—and your pet’s—training.

(Courtesy TomTom)

TomTom Adventurer Watch ($349) 

Reasonably priced for a smartwatch, the Adventurer packs in a lot of multisport bang for your buck. It can be used for a wide range of activities, including swimming and snow sports, and it will display trails and routes (though they have to be loaded manually). It also comes with 3GB of music storage for when you want to venture out sans phone.

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(Courtesy Motiv)

Motiv Ring ($199)

For those who prefer not having a screen strapped to their arm, there is the Motiv, a titanium-coated plastic ring. It’s got most of the same sensors—such as an accelerometer and optical heart-rate monitor—just miniaturized, and it tracks many of the same stats. We found it less obtrusive while also impressively accurate, though you’ll need to open the phone app to view your data.

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(Courtesy HealBe)

HealBe GoBe 2 Band ($199)

We’ll be the first to admit that the GoBe 2 is pretty bulky and not particularly attractive, but it does something no other tracker can: monitor your caloric intake, using an impedance sensor to estimate your skin’s glucose levels. We were skeptical but found it actually did the job well. The GoBe 2 keeps tabs on metrics like hydration and stress levels, too.

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(Courtesy Garmin)

Garmin Fenix 5X Watch ($700)

This high-end smartwatch tracks roughly a gajillion different activities, everything from distance per SUP stroke to number of snowboarding runs. Though our favorite part is that it comes with full-color topo maps of the U.S., routable for hiking, cycling, and trail running. It helped us find our way back to the trailhead after a blistering trek in Arizona.

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(Courtesy Whistle)

Whistle 3 Pet Monitor (From $80)

Gotta keep track of your four-legged family members, too. Whistle 3 is a GPS tracker that attaches to a pet collar, telling you how much exercise and rest your dog or cat has been getting, where they are anywhere in the country, or if they leave a predetermined area. Eighty bucks (plus a $7 monthly subscription) is a small price for peace of mind.

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(Courtesy Vi)

Vi Headphones ($249)

These Bluetooth headphones were designed in collaboration with audio stalwart Harman Kardon, so of course they sound good. But the special sauce is the artificial-intelligence running coach. Vi’s AI can monitor your cadence (and have you run to a beat for more efficiency), tailor workouts, and even advise you when to hydrate.

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