BlackBerry 8703e - GPS Devices: Reviews
(Mark Wiens)

BlackBerry 8703e – GPS Devices: Reviews

BlackBerry 8703e - GPS Devices: Reviews
Kevin Arnold

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Some friends and Web sites give great directions; others, not so great. So why not get the info straight from the pros? With a subscription to a third-party GPS application like TeleNav ($10 per month), the 8703e smartphone becomes a full-featured on-road navigator, providing onscreen maps and access to a huge database of points of interest. It’s pretty slick: Driving in Seattle, we punched in the address of our destination, and a few seconds later the 8703e displayed turn-by-turn directions.
5 oz;

Bonus: Should you have to call 911, emergency officials will know your location instantly.

Bummer: At the time of our test, only two networks (Sprint and AllTel) were supporting the 8703e’s GPS capabilities. And if you lose your signal you lose directions, too.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Mark Wiens