Canon 60D Camera
Canon 60D Camera (Courtesy of Canon)

Canon EOS 60D Camera

Canon 60D Camera

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HE SELL:The jack of all trades. THE TEST: It packs many features of the higher-end 7D—like 1080p video and slow- motion-capable 60-frames- per-second 720p video—into a smaller body. The 60D’s impressive 18-megapixel CMOS sensor supports 5.3 frames per second and shoots in RAW, but it doesn’t require Photoshop to process your images into final versions. As with the Panasonic (opposite), the 60D has built-in filters that can give them a grainy or vignetted look before they leave the camera. Other nifties include a tilt/swivel LCD screen and an integrated flash transmitter that allows you to move your flashes off camera without adding equipment. THE VERDICT:If you’ve been thinking of upgrading to an HDSLR and don’t want to spring for the 7D or pro-level 5D, the 60D is a solid choice. Otherwise, pay the extra $400 for the 7D; the added resolution is worth it.
Features: 4.5
Value: 3.5

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