Canon EOS Rebel K2  -  35mm Cameras: Reveiws
(Chris Bartlett)

Canon EOS Rebel K2 – 35mm Cameras: Reviews

Canon EOS Rebel K2  -  35mm Cameras: Reveiws

Why It’s CoolCanon clearly gets feedback from pros; their cameras are better balanced and easier to hold while scrambling up trails. » The metering system measures focal distance and light from 35 locations within the frame. I captured perfectly balanced images, whether I was using close focus to secure shots of vivid green moss on an old snag, or the full-auto mode to play paparazzi with a groundhog in the woods. » Shooting one-handed is easy, thanks to a pronounced grip and a handy index-finger wheel that adjusts f-stop and shutter speed. » Use the multiple-exposure option to program up to nine different settings for exposures.

Hmmm . . .At 1.5 frames per second, the K2 won’t reel off action shots quite as quickly as the Nikon N75 will.

*Expect to pay less than MSRP at your local shop.

From Outside Magazine, April/May 2021 Lead Photo: Chris Bartlett