Canon PowerShot G11 - Digital Cameras: Reviews
(Inga Hendrickson)

Canon PowerShot G11 – Digital Cameras: Reviews

Canon PowerShot G11 - Digital Cameras: Reviews

Less Is More

The war for more megapixels is over. In the G11, Canon actually drops to a 10MP sensor from the 14.7MP sensor in this camera’s predecessor, the G10. But don’t call it a retreat. No quality is lost—the new sensor presents a clearer picture, even in low light. The G11 also adds a tilt/swivel display screen to make shooting photos or video (non-HD, 640p) of yourself easier, while an expanded ISO range (up to 3200) allows for shooting in dimmer settings. Some features we’re glad they left unchanged: The intuitive exposure-compensation wheel is a lifesaver for the adventure photographer who shoots on snow or water, and the layer-cake dials for program features and ISO are reminiscent of the classic manual film cameras we all learned on. The lens is a basic 28–140, and the picture quality gets blown away by both the 7D and the D300s—but, then again, neither of those cameras will fit in your pocket. 14.4 oz;
Features: 3.5
Value: 3.6