CENTR 360 cameras tech talk OutsideOnline Covet
This could be a game changer. (Photo: Courtesy of CENTR)

CENTR 360-Degree HD Camera

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CENTR 360 cameras tech talk OutsideOnline Covet

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There’s a new wave of camera technology that stitches video together in real time to create 360-degree live filming. First, we noticed the 360 Fly. Now CENTR, a new unit that’s raised more than $450,000 on Kickstarter, looks poised to ignite the 360-degree camera world.

Already being used by the likes of Red Bull, FOX Sports, and the US Army, CENTR has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring the panoramic camera to the masses. The company, founded by two former Apple employees, is still some $300,000 short of its $900,000 goal, but the camera has already generated some buzz.

The CENTR’s specs are, quite frankly, amazing—if they’re all true. The Kickstarter page outlines 360-degree HD filming at up to 60fps, up to 4k panoramic video resolution, and even 20 megapixel panoramic stills. Plus, the camera is compatible with most tripod and GoPro mounts and it only weighs nine ounces.

We’re still waiting to see if CENTR will meet its fundraising goal, and if the technology can carve out a place in the crowded action cam market. But for now, the camera’s most recent promotional video is pretty impressive.

$399, centrcam.com


Lead Photo: Courtesy of CENTR

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