More Harley than Huffy
More Harley than Huffy (Vintage Electric Bikes)

Cruz E-Bike

An electric California cruiser that’s certain to turn heads on the boardwalk

More Harley than Huffy
Kip Malone

Vintage Electric Bikes has built what might be the first truly sexy e-bike. 

With a frame like that of a classic California Cruiser, the Cruz looks nothing like the staid e-bikes with their motors and batteries slapped on like unwanted appendages. This rig's sand-cast aluminum battery box makes the bike look more Harley than Huffy. And then there are all the classy details, like the Brooks saddle and grips and integrated chrome LED headlight. 

Out on the road, the bike hits a top speed of 36 miles per hour, while regenerative braking helps give it a maximum range of 30 miles.


Lead Photo: Vintage Electric Bikes