The Poseidon is available in this camo/orange version, or a plain black.
The Poseidon is available in this camo/orange version, or a plain black. (photo: Dark Energy)
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Dark Energy Poseidon Portable Battery Pack

A rugged power pack for doing dangerous stuff outdoors


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Sick of portable battery packs that over-promise and under-deliver? We’ve tested ones that have failed to hold the advertised capacity, stopped working if left uncharged for as little as two weeks, and a whole bunch that will die if they’re ever dropped or submerged. Not Dark Energy’s new Poseidon ($99). It’s overbuilt for outdoor adventure, promising you bulletproof (literally) power for your gadgets throughout extended trips. 

About the size of an iPhone 6 Plus, the Poseidon’s 10,000 mAh capacity can charge that phone fully nearly three times. And, with both one-amp and 2.4-amp USB ports, it’s capable of rapidly charging USB-C devices, too. In fact, it’ll work with any device you can charge through a USB cable. 

We’ve carried the Poseidon everywhere from week-long backpacking trips to ice fishing in sub-freezing temperatures to simple airplane rides to Europe and back, and even took it bowhunting here in Southern California. Often, we mounted it externally on our packs using the included carabineer for quick, easy access to power. There, it not only provided more than enough power to keep our phones, cameras, and radios running for up to a week, but it also survived rain, snow, and chaparral unscathed. It even doubles as a backup LED flashlight in an emergency.

Certified to the waterproof, dustproof IP68 standard, the Poseidon can survive total water submersion or a shot with a 12-gauge shotgun—something Dark Energy tried during durability testing. 

Need a charging cable that’s just as durable? Dark Energy sells a USB-to-micro-USB cable that’s wrapped in braided paracord. Similar to the ubiquitous survival bracelets, the synthetic rope protects the cable from abrasion during daily use and can be unwound to provide 20 feet of 550-pound capacity rope. 

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Lead photo: Dark Energy

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