You're gonna want to stay here.
You're gonna want to stay here. (Photo: Form and Forest)

Form and Forest Cabin

Ditch the musty, ramshackle log house and stay in this exquisitely located architectural gem

You're gonna want to stay here.

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Cabins with sleek, modern lines that sit out in the middle of the woods seem to be a thing nowadays. We dig it.

This one is located about 20 minutes from Golden, British Columbia, on the Blaeberry River in the Canadian Rockies. The area is surrounded by five national parks and world-class skiing, hiking, and rafting.

Designed by Form and Forest, the home has large windows that offer 180-degree views of the surrounding wilderness and enough room to sleep eight. There’s also a fully equipped kitchen, wood-burning fireplace, and gas grill on the deck. 

From $349 per night,

Lead Photo: Form and Forest

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