Garmin Nüvi 3790T - GPS Devices: Reviews
(Courtesy of Garmin)

Garmin Nüvi 3790T – GPS Devices: Reviews

Garmin Nüvi 3790T - GPS Devices: Reviews

Mapping Maven

This super-powerful GPS takes personal navigation to a new level. Testers were shocked by how eyeblink-fast it updated location on its gorgeous 4.3-inch screen—as if the satellites were just overhead—and how easy it was to enter a destination and then find arrival times, elevation, traffic alerts, and, of course, crystal-clear maps (in standard, 3-D, and topographic 3-D). In town, the 3790T can actually preview upcoming junctions and recommend the best lane. Out of the car, it gives walking directions. It’s fully voice-activated, and offers vertical or horizontal map orientation. In the wild, we got a reading almost every time—though we hesitated to chuck this high-priced unit into a pack. It’s not overbuilt enough to travel to the deepest corners of the earth, just to get you within striking distance.
Functions: 4.6
Durability: 3.1