Hide Away in the Wisconsin Woods

The Stacked Cabin, nestled in a forest near Muscoda, Wisconsin, is the perfect Midwestern retreat.


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The designers of this cabin had to contend with a limited budget and a hilly, wooded site, but they still managed to create a stunning, environmentally-friendly retreat.     

This family getaway is stacked on three levels to minimize impact on the forest. A simple natural autumn palette works inside and out, and metal-covered walls and cedar-framed windows all sit on top of a poured concrete foundation.   

The ground floor, notched into the hillside, serves as a workroom, storage unit, and washroom. The open main floor features huge glass windows overlooking the forest. 

A kitchen and open sleeping area flank the light-filled, spacious living room. A tiny window-wrapped study tops the cabin with extraordinary 360-degree views. Overall, it’s a pretty sublime Midwestern escape.

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