Old school, new possibilities.
Old school, new possibilities. (Photo: Courtesy of the Impossible Proje)

The Impossible Project I-1 Camera

A techy update to the retro-awesome Polaroid

Old school, new possibilities.

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Posting a photo on social media and watching the likes pile up is satisfying as hell. But I still have a thing for real pictures, particularly those shot with an instant camera. I love listening to the machine roll the paper out and watching the image slowly develop. Lucky for me, the format just got a lifeline with the Impossible Project.

The company took over manufacturing instant film when Polaroid stopped back in 2008, and its new camera, called the I-1, uses the classic 600 type with the square 3.1-by-3.1 frame size. You can craft shots with the exposure dial, shutter button, focus selector, and square viewfinder on the body, but the I-1 is no Luddite. Download the app (free; iOS) and use your phone to remotely adjust settings and create multi-exposure or even open-shutter photos. And fear not, Instagrammers—you can still upload digital versions of your shots via the I-1’s built-in Bluetooth. $299

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of the Impossible Proje

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