kawasaki motorcycle horsepower ninja h2r
This is not street-legal. (Courtesy of Kawasaki)

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R

300 horses in one bike

kawasaki motorcycle horsepower ninja h2r

Kawasaki just debuted the most powerful production motorcycle of all time. The Ninja H2R packs a 300-horsepower punch in a supercharged four-cylinder engine. That’s nearly the equivalent power of the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup, and it blows all the other superbikes out of the water. (The BMW S 1000R and Ducati Panigale, the bike’s closest street-legal competitors, can’t produce even 200 horsepower.) 

So how fast can you go when you unleash 300 horses from a motorcycle? Well, a Kawasaki R&D rider claimed he surpassed 210 mph in the H2R’s track test debut—the eleventh episode of an ongoing video-series unveiling.

You might wonder why Kawasaki built a 300-horsepower motorcycle. Frankly, no one seems to know. Perhaps just to tickle our imaginations. More within the realm of reason, however, Kawasaki has promised a street-legal version of the H2R at 200 horsepower—still topping any other bike on the market.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Kawasaki