Leica V-Lux-2 Camera
Leica V-Lux-2 Camera (Courtesy of Leica)

Leica V-LUX-2 Camera

Leica V-Lux-2 Camera

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THE SELL:A Leica for the rest of us. THE TEST: This camera sits right at the border of a point-and-shoot and a full-fledged HDSLR, with all the benefits of both. The zoom lens has an effective optical range of 25–600mm, making it perfect for shooting everything from the inside of a tour bus to surfers on a distant break. It’s also ridiculously fast. In burst mode, the V-Lux-2 can crank out 11 frames per second, and in low-res 320-by-240p video mode it gets 220 frames per second—enough to catch an arrow leaving a bow. But where this camera really excels is up close, in high resolution (1080p video or 14-megapixel stills), taking full advantage of that legendary Leica glass. THE VERDICT: If you’re trying to find a camera for your European vacation this summer, you just did.
Features: 4
Value: 2

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