Leupold  Wind River Katmai  -  Binoculars: Reveiws

Leupold Wind River Katmai – Binoculars: Reviews

Leupold  Wind River Katmai  -  Binoculars: Reveiws

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Why They’re CoolThey’re smaller than the Pentax and the Olympus 8x’s, yet the Katmais offer superior low-light vision—better to my eyes than anything else here, save the Steiners and Leicas. » They’re powerful enough to render detail, yet they sweep across an impressive 335-foot field of view. » The glass is outstanding; colors pop and everything is edge-to-edge sharp—so much so that I wondered if Leupold had transposed the first two digits in the price. » The Katmais ratchet up the close focus to 4.9 feet—like getting built-in reading glasses with your distance vision. » Waterproof and rubber-armored, these babies are as trucklike as optics come.

Hmmm . . .They’re compact but, at 18.9 ounces, they’re not light.

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