Microsoft Zune HD - MP3 Players: Reviews
(Courtesy of Microsoft)

Microsoft Zune HD – MP3 Players: Reviews

Microsoft Zune HD - MP3 Players: Reviews

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Pocket Philharmonic

We’re all iPod junkies, but Micro­soft’s Zune HD was a nice surprise. As a video player, it’s comparable to the iPod Touch, and for pure audiophile pleasure we daresay it’s better, with warmer tones and sharper high notes. What’s missing? Non-Windows functionality, a camera, and easy navigability. The browser is slow, and downloadable media and apps are limited to what’s on Zune’s own marketplace, but $15/month buys you a Zune Pass, meaning unlimited free music downloads from Finally, the addition of radio—and, in some cities, HD radio—is another big plus for users who want a straightforward, quality media player. Add-on: A $90 A/V Dock lets you play 720p HD video on your flatscreen.
Functions: 3.9
Durability: 3.8

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