Nikon D40 - Digital Cameras: Reviews

Nikon D40 – Digital Cameras: Reviews

Nikon D40 - Digital Cameras: Reviews
Kevin Arnold

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A full-featured DSLR can be an awkward load when you’re traveling, especially in cities. Not the D40. I had no problem toting it through the streets of London and Barcelona. At just over a pound, the D40 is one of the lightest interchangeable-lens DSLRs around. But unlike other featherweights, it’s packed with pro-grade features like an ultra- quick multi-point autofocus system, an instant shutter response, and a 2.5-frame-per-second drive mode. The result was a collection of candid street pictures that could have been captured only with a responsive DSLR. 6.1 megapixels;

Bonus: Despite its compact size, the D40 has a 2.5-inch LCD screen.

Bummer: You’re limited to newer AF-S and AF-I lenses. Older lenses will fit, but won’t autofocus. (It comes with an 18–55mm lens.)

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