Nikon N75 35MM  -  35mm Cameras: Reveiws

Nikon N75 35MM – 35mm Cameras: Reviews

Nikon N75 35MM  -  35mm Cameras: Reveiws

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Why It’s CoolA rather stunning metering system compares the kind of shot you’re about to take with an onboard file of more than 30,000 “image maps.” Instantly locating the closest match, the N75 balances the exposure perfectly. » This sucker will shoot almost two frames per second and, once you’ve locked onto a subject, will continue to adjust focus, even as your quarry—man or beast—changes direction. » A custom menu lets you use the camera as you see fit: I set it up so a half-tap of the shutter would lock exposure and focus after initial metering, allowing me to blur a cross-country skier in front of an icy lake.

Hmmm . . .While this is a nonmetal, plastic-body camera, it’s fairly heavy compared with point-and-shoots.

*Expect to pay less than MSRP at your local shop.

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