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There are five wearables in our print magazine, but several more worth checking out

Step up your game with this hardy equipment

As a professional photographer, I was disappointed in GoPro’s cameras until the brand’s newest iteration

From campsite to nightlight, BioLite’s AlpenGlow sets the perfect vibe

Our Gear Guy is getting rid of the rest of his culinary blades

In the never-ending battle of keeping your gear powered up in the outdoors, Wes Siler has some common sense solutions

Maintenance is easy with these eight items that won’t break the bank

As always, Apple found clever ways to improve upon its camera lenses, making the latest iteration increasingly useful for outdoor adventures

There are a ton of smart options to choose from

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Give a dog a forever home by looking to the shelters and humane societies.

Follow along as professional photographer Stuart Palley explains how anyone can take amazing photos at night

Polaroid-style photography is the antidote for the smartphone era, and a great way to capture your adventures on film

Wes Siler walks you through his three favorite knives and helps explain what knives you need to carry in the backcountry.

When it comes to safety, training, and exercise, gadgets and apps can’t beat old fashioned consistency and patience

One team of sled dogs. Twenty tested toys. Three standouts.

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Three of our favorite adventure-dog parents weigh in with their hard-earned wisdom

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Research. Packing. Gear prep. Maximizing fun. Here’s everything you need to know to pull off your next backcountry mission.

Everything you need to know to keep your Traeger in excellent working condition

These items will make great gifts for the grill master in your life, too…

Get the most out of your pegboard wall by adding a reinforced track system that allows for infinite gear-storage options

How to level up your camp coffee game, no matter your brew method

How to buy your first bike, grill, paddleboard, sleeping pad, and more

Keep tabs on your off-grid power supply from your phone with this simple addition to your rig’s battery system

The $50 Leatherman Bond is a throwback to the company’s original Pocket Survival Tool

Bringing order to parental chaos is an uphill battle, but these products can help

These stylish pieces are ready for adventure

Devices for passing the toughest training milestones

Essentials for creating the home patio bar of your dreams

Cultivate calm with these home-studio essentials

The carvers and gadgets for every task that needs cutting

Keep family adventures tantrum-free

Equip your best friend for camping out

With haulers this featured and well designed, you’ll be ready for anything

It’s the perfect size to haul around but still packs a big optical punch

They’ve lit up the trail and campsite for us, and now they’re discounted…

Your muscles need relief. You can take matters into your own hands at home without breaking the bank.

And no, we’re not just talking about a kettlebell

Keep an eye on anything, pretty much anywhere, for just $150

It’s like mountain biking—except on skates without brakes

Planning a trip to or through a place with unreliable utilities? Plan for a blackout.

An avalanche is every backcountry adventurer’s worst nightmare. Know what to do with your beacon in case the worst happens.

The analog items our editors and columnists swear by

A new Snow Mode makes finding trails and parking lots easy, and the app helps you avoid avalanches, too

Six items that keep me self-sufficient while traveling

The Ombraz Leggero forgoes sidearms for an innovative nylon strap, which is both good and bad

It's more affordable than the Series 6 and comes with the most important features

In a year gone wrong, do this part of Christmas right

After a summer of testing, here are our favorite tools

Help them deliver the best holiday meal possible

Make sure your exercise lover has what they need to sweat this holiday season

Comfort and convenience are key when settling in behind the wheel

Cold weather is no reason to skip your sweat sessions

Keeping tabs on training and health has never been this seamless

Workout tools to help you reach your potential

These timepieces are ready to get down to business

Exercise outdoors all winter long with these essentials

Keep warm this winter by harvesting fuel yourself

Like always, Apple made important upgrades to its new device. The 12 Pro Max, which launches in November, will be even better.

Flashlights have flooded the market. Here's how to choose the best one for you.

Forget working from home. Here's everything you need to stay connected from your vehicle or a trailhead.

Whether you're hunting, bird-watching, or visiting a national park, the six-ounce Kestrel Glassing Systems Monopod will drastically improve your experience

This high-tech—and high-priced—workout gear looks like it's out of science fiction