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I getting back into backpacking and hiking after a 12-year hiatus, and I'm appalled at some people's apparent need for technology like cell phones and two-way radios out in the backcountry. Is this stuff necessary and desirable in the wilderness? Gary Denver, Colorado

I have a Yashica T4, bought new in 2001. It no longer works (not a battery problem). What should I do with it? It's a great little point-and-shoot. Hate just to toss it. Nick Santa Fe, New Mexico

Would there be any advantage in having a small two-way radio system attached to your rock-climbing helmet? Basically so you and your partner can talk to each other easily while climbing. Tim Dunedin, New Zealand

I'm looking to purchase a digital camera for a road trip that my girlfriend and I will be taking this summer. Apart from being able to take nice photos (five megapixels, three-power zoom), I'd like something durable as I an avid hiker and climber. Can you recommend something for no more than $300? William Rancho Cuconga, California

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I've looked for a year now to find a sturdy watch for my smokejumper. Money isn't the object. I'm looking for simplicity in functions: time, waterproofness, stopwatch (and, made in this decade!). A date display is OK, too. Sounds easier to find than it is, so I come to you. Kary Boise, Idaho

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What is the best handheld GPS on the market for hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing? Harlan Olympia, Washington

I'm looking for a recommendation on a digital camera that is safe for the beach (i.e. sandproof). Scott New York City

Which manufacturers make a portable GPS that will operate at sub-zero temperatures? Garmins work to plus five degrees Fahrenheit, which doesn't cover most of the year in Fairbanks, Alaska. David San Diego, California

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I'm looking for compact binoculars that I can carry for various activities, such as kayaking where size and access counts. Mostly, I'll use them for birding. Rick Port Townsend, Washington

I'm looking for a kick-ass sports watch for my boyfriend who's into lots of sports, currently mountain biking. What do you recommend ong those that show heart rate? JT

Can you recommend a quality camera to use while spending the next two years in the Peace Corps? I'm open to either digital or film, but not sure which would be the best option. I also don't know if I'll be living in the middle of the jungle or in a metropolitan area. Matt Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I'm looking for a versatile fixed-blade knife to carry in all sorts of weather and activities. I will be using it mostly as a cp tool but do a lot of lightweight backpacking. I can't seem to find one that's light, durable, sturdy, and priced at around $25 to $50. Any ideas? Josh Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What's a good, trail-worthy MP3 player? It's got to be light and needs lots of storage space since I'm out in the woods for days at a time. I've looked into the iPod mini, but if the battery dies, I can't swap it out for a fresh one. Any ideas? Matt Shasta Lake City, California

I thought I saw during the Tour de France that Lance Armstrong was wearing the latest Oakley glasses with an MP3 player built into them. I right, and did Lance actually wear them during the race? Susan New York City

We are searching frantically for a ccorder—preferably digital—that tolerates operating temperatures below freezing to take on ski holidays in Norway and Finland, where winter temps are around ten degrees. All the ones on the market for less than $1,000 state operating temps of 32 degrees plus. What do folks use in Canada or Alaska, for exple, without breaking the bank? Martina London, United Kingdom

My husband and I will be climbing in Patagonia this Christmas. As a pre-trip, pre-holiday present, I'd like to buy him a ccorder. Can you recommend a good model, one that's compact and burly enough for a week in the outdoors? Margaret Chattanooga, Tennessee

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My boyfriend has paddled a couple of rivers solo and is planning a third this fall. Typically gone for a week, he tries to call me each night to give me his location and coordinates, but sometimes ends up in places that don't have cell-phone coverage. His parents and I are afraid of "sounding the alarm" too soon after not hearing from him for 24 to 48 hours. I can see him peacefully eating his granola as the cavalry rides in to save the day. Therefore, we have decided to buy him a personal locator beacon (PLB) for his birthday for peace of mind! Which one, then, do you recommend? Marisa Charlotte, North Carolina

What is the best camera for new photographers wanting to get into wildlife photography? Pela Monroe, LA

My wife keeps bugging me about getting a phone so I can keep in touch with her when I'm out backpacking for several days. Is there something light and somewhat affordable available? Peter San Carlos, CA

Do you know where I could purchase mountain-biking trail maps that are uploadable to my Garmin GPS V unit? I'm specifically thinking the Bend, Oregon, area. Mike Bend, Oregon

I'm a snowboarder interested in recording video footage of skiing and 'boarding. The mind boggles, though, with all the available formats, options, models, etc. I've also been told I should get a camera with a wide-angle lens, but all the salespeople I've asked didn't even realize wide-angle lenses were either interchangeable or available. Help! Stu Yakima, Washington

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Where can I find a good digital-camera tripod that's lightweight enough for backpacking? Crystal Tacoma, Washington

I'm a little boggled by all the choices in multitools these days. From the venerable Swiss Army all-in-one to the expensive Schrade creations that look like they've been crafted for Viking warlords. Any faves? More importantly, what tools do you think essential, which are gear-makers' fripperies? Malcolm Vancouver, British Columbia

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I'm trekking to Everest Base Camp in October and want to buy a new camera for the trip, probably the Yashica T4 Zoom. As I can't find any advice on photography at high altitudes, would you recommend this camera or go with a digital? Thanks, Gear God. Adam Bethesda, Maryland

A lot of training guides I consult for my running and cycling training talk of heart-rate "zones." I have been looking at the wide range of heart-rate monitors and wondering if you could suggest one that's reasonably priced and good for running and cycling? Michael Providence, Rhode Island

Go fast and furious in the (1) TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 dive watch ($595; 866-260-0460, The (2) OAKLEY GMT watch ($650; 800-403-7449, has two dials—one for your present location, the other for where you’d rather be. The Swiss-made (3) ORIS XXL FULL…

I have a Canon Rebel 2000 that I want to take when I go skiing, but I'm worried about it not being able to handle the cold or the impact if I fall on my back. I will be carrying it in a medium-sized daypack. How can I keep it safe and warm? Matt Glastonbury, Connecticut

I'm thinking of buying a GPS system for my son. What's the best value out there (good quality at a reasonable price)? Hir Buffalo, New York

I've seen quite a few hikers with two-way radios on the trail. What's your take: recreational gimmick or worthwhile piece of equipment? Our family of four hikes together a fair amount, so I can see their worth. But, then again, does trail etiquette mean this is akin to using a cell phone on the bus? Philip Burlington, Vermont

Can you recommend a lightweight digital camera for backpacking? I was ready to purchase the Yashica T4 that you talk so highly of, but digital cameras are so compact and I don't need to carry all that film. Also do they make water-resistant digital cameras? Dan Hearty, Missouri

What's the best way to clean my hands in the wilderness prior to handling contact lenses? My waterless hand sanitizer warns against eye contact and I don't want to use stream water.

What types of materials in gaiters are best for snake protection? I know of Teflon, but is a heavy canvas also suitable? (If you're wondering how my question has any relation to where I'm from, it doesn't. I'm moving to Australia.)—Karen, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Gear Guru, Each year I spend more and more time engaging in technically demanding backpacking, backcountry skiing, and mountaineering trips into the remote backcountry. Due to my exposure, the natural dangers of the mountains, and the probability of accidents, the need for a reliable and durable communications system has arisen. Do you know of a system that has long-range communication capabilities and can withstand the needs of being both portable and durable? Is a satellite phone the answer? As always, I look forward to the wisdom of your responses. Sean Constine

What's the best audio device that I can clip onto a pair of shorts when running and doing other multisport activities? Ceron Christchurch, New Zealand

Where can I find a waterproof video camera, for filming surfing and other stuff? Luke Ft. Myers, Florida

I want to upgrade from a cheap pair of compact binoculars. Assuming I had a pile of money burning its way out of my pocket, would I see much difference between a pair of Nikon Travelites and Leica Trinovids? Also, are there any other models I should look at (through)? Joe Lawrenceville, Georgia

My wife and I will be hiking in the Canadian Rockies this summer. We'd each like to carry a pair of compact binoculars for birding and the occasional vast vista that we might come upon. Without breaking the bank (we don't need waterproofed and rubber-armored), what would you recommend? As far as magnification goes, should we consider buying zoom binoculars or stick with a basic model? Also, how important is it to have the widest field of view possible? Byron Phoenix, Arizona

Your Gearness, I planning to drive cross-country this summer, hiking and camping wherever the road takes me. For the driving portion, I was thinking of investing in a GPS system to help with the "figuring-out-where-the-heck-I-am" moments. Do you have any advice as to the value of GPS for this? (I will not need it for hiking, using the old-fashioned technique of map, compass, and trail blazes) Realistically, I'd like to stay under $300, but will go higher for an exceptional device—one that does the navigating, driving, AND laundry. Charles New York City, New York

I looking for a two-way radio. I don't know much about them and need some advice on a dependable and weatherproof model for outdoor activities such as camping and boating. So it would need to be. I hear you need a license for anything that has range of over five miles and would like to avoid that. KJ San Diego, California

I'm dumbfounded by all the choices with regard to heart rate monitors. Should I stick with the well-respected Polar or try other brands? Tracy Los Angeles, California

I travel consistently for my job and like to hike and cp when I home. Could you recommend a digital camera that holds up to the abuse of travel and camping but still takes great pictures? I'm looking for something around the $500-mark. I have looked at some Nikon products, but what else would you recommend? Matt Minneapolis, Minnesota

My daughter is flying to Europe this fall and is looking for a good all-around pack for all travel essentials, plus a computer. She is small-fred, five-feet four-inches tall, and weighs 110 pounds. This is the only luggage she is taking and she plans on being there five months. The packs needs to be durable and easy to carry. What should she be looking for? Janet Boise, Idaho

I'm looking to get a lightweight and compact pair of binoculars to carry with me on hikes. Do you have any general tips and some recommendations for good buys? Joe Voelcker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I would like to buy a digital camera to bring on climbing, canoeing, and hiking trips. I had been planning to buy an SLR, but I've recently been tempted by digital cameras and their ability to make you impulsively take snapshots. What factors other then weight and picture quality should I consider? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Eric Winnipeg, Manitoba

I read a column you wrote last February on weatherproof digital cameras. Is there anything new that would fit the bombproof, sand-proof, waterproof category? We work as river guides so the cameras get some hard use. I also looking for a camera for my 11-year-old daughter, traditional or digital. Any recommendations? Peter Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

We know your favorite sub-$500 camera is the Yashica T4 Super. But, what are your favorite point-and-shoot cameras for $500 and above? Roy Boston, Massachusetts

I wondering what binoculars you'd recommend for ge viewing in Africa. This will be for use on open plains and in thick bush, both when I'm on the go and standing still. I'm considering either the Leica Duovid 8+12x42's or Swarovski EL 8.5x42's. Bertus Calgary, Alberta

What is your opinion of two-way radios for climbing and skiing? What features should I look out for when selecting one? Tjaard Breeuwer Eindhoven, Holland

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