Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0

An $800 setup for the wannabe pro mechanic

Berne Broudy

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You’ll never waste time scrambling for an allen wrench again with Pedro’s Master Tool Kit 3.0

Co-developed by professional mechanics from the Garmin/Slipstream road bike team and the Luna Chix mountain bike team, this kit has everything you need and more to fix your bike.

The well-organized, indestructible, lockable, watertight, pressure-regulated case comes with 64 professional tools. The mix includes multiple configurations of tinkerers’ beloved hex, as well as many more exotic offerings. (Bonus points if you know what a vise whip is.)    

The tools are all for the mechanically inclined, except for maybe the beverage wrench—useful to those of us who have never even fixed a flat.   


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