Pentax DCF MP 8X28  -  Binoculars: Reveiws
(Chris Bartlett)

Pentax DCF MP 8X28 – Binoculars: Reviews

Pentax DCF MP 8X28  -  Binoculars: Reveiws

Why They’re CoolWhat do you get when you shell out a few more shekels than you would for the Olympus? A sharper image (thanks to phase-coated prisms), better low-light viewing (credit a slightly larger objective lens), and a broader field of view. » You also get a close-focus distance of nine feet 11 inches—handy for lensing that raccoon raiding your camp. » Though the DCFs forgo the one-piece housing of some Pentax binos, they’re still built on a magnesium frame, and are rubber-armored and waterproof.

Hmmm . . .The focusing ring requires such a light touch that it’s easy to zip right past your focal point. » I noticed a slight bit of vignetting—a fuzzy circle—at the perimeter of the view. » The cheap webbing strap chafes a bare neck.