Cube Action Camera Action Cams OutsideOnline gear
(Photo: Courtesy of Polaroid)

Polaroid’s Cube

An HD camera in your pocket

Cube Action Camera Action Cams OutsideOnline gear

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In case you’re looking for yet another action camera to add to your shopping list, check out Polaroid’s new Cube

While the first units debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, the latest version of the cute cam has evolved to feature upgraded shooting ability and some sleeker aesthetics. The big draw: the $100 price tag.  

At that price, the lightweight, colorful Cube is one helluva deal. It has a six-megapixel sensor that can shoot at 1080p wrapped in a package that’s just a hair longer than an inch wide. The Cube can also record up to 90 minutes of video on microSD cards—that’s comparable to competitors that are three times as expensive.

With a variety of mounts and accessories already in the works (including a waterproof housing), the Cube can tag along for almost any adventure. Plus, there’s a built-in magnet that lets the camera stick to any metal surface. Available in September. 


Lead Photo: Courtesy of Polaroid

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