Our new favorite toy.
Our new favorite toy.

RR10 Bomber Rock Crawler

It’s silly what this thing can do. And it's really damn fun to play with.

Kip Malone

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This is Outside’s new favorite office toy. 

Like the larger rig it’s based on (Randy Slawson’s Bomber Fab KOH), the remote-controlled RR10 Bomber tears through sandy washes and climbs over rocks, thanks to high-quality components like an all-wheel-drive transfer case, Walker-Evens racing wheels, miniature BF Goodrich Baja T/A tires, a Hi-Lo transmission with all metal gears, and aluminum King shocks. 

We’re currently mastering our driving technique, and then plan on hitting Slawson up to see if he’ll let us test-drive the real thing later this year.

$400, axialracing.com

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