yoga SmartMat Tech Outside downward dog prana yogi
SmartMat's technology tells you how and how long to hold your yoga pose. (Peter Bryant/Flickr)

The SmartMat

Yoga just entered the digital age.

yoga SmartMat Tech Outside downward dog prana yogi

At first glance, the SmartMat might seem counterintuitive. Yoga and smartphones aren’t two words that usually go together, and the ancient Hindu practice is typically about unplugging from our ever-distracting world. But that’s not to say technology can’t play a role during detox. 

SmartMat Outside Yoga downward dog practice fitness computer
(courtesy of SmartMat)

Even though it’s the same size as a traditional yoga mat, the SmartMat is much more than a foamy cushion. With built-in sensors that interact with an iOS or Android app, it provides real-time verbal feedback on workouts through your device. The app also scores you on your poses. The mat runs on a rechargeable battery that lasts for six hours and that can withstand heat up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit—or just north of a typical Bikram class.

If you find yourself wanting to use the gadget as an old-school pad, you can turn off SmartMat’s phone app at any time. 

$447 (pre-order $297),