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The t3d

Is there a heart rate monitor/watch combo that doesn’t make me look like Batman?

Is there a heart rate monitor watch that doesn't look like a HR monitor/watch. I am in the market for a new everyday watch and HR monitor and was wondering if I could kill two birds? –Craig (Pittsburgh, PA)

The t3d
Doug Gantenbein

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That makes sense. So you can walk around and always know your HR, yes?

The t3d

The t3d The t3d

Alas, the short answer really is: no, there aren’t any heart-rate monitor watches that look anything like a “normal” watch. Although some models sort of pass muster. Polar‘s F4 ($100) has a digital watch face, but it has full watch/calendar functions as well as basic HR and calorie-counting measures. Suunto‘s t3d ($169) also is sort of tech-y looking but it’s no worse than most digital watches out there. And it has day/date/time, plus an alarm.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Timex makes an HR monitor that looks pretty good: the Ironman Race watch ($150). Still digital, but it’s a contemporary design that wouldn’t be out of place around town.

Myself, I’d probably get something like the t3 for heart-rate use. For a watch to wear, I’d opt for a St. Moritz Pathfinder ($160), a nice-looking, very tough, analog-face watch that has day/date/time plus a rare feature in an analog watch: An alarm. It comes in a variety of face colors and band styles, to suit the look you want.